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I wanted to learn Basics on DFS . Here is the link which provides good start up for learning it.

Hope it helps.


Hello ,

      I needed to create my own lab setup. After Digging for about 2 days , Finally I set up My Lab.


Here are the details.


Network 1)

Network 2)

 I have used 2 NIC Cards in Dell Optiplex 320 Machine ( one NIC card with N/W and other . I have put in one NIC Card and on another. I have configured RRAS to in 320 system so that both Network can communicate with each other ( I am using windows server 2003  in my dell optiplex system ).

After configuring this two network sucessfully. I have connected 2 Dell Laptops on both the NIC’s ( One with and other with I have put 2 VMs on both laptop with server 2008 and Xp  OS.

Note : 1.Please make sure to disable the Windows firewall on the systems , otherwise systems will not ping from one network to other.

2. Make sure you are using Brideing in your VM not NATING.

After setting these up. I was able to test DHCP,DNS, AD DOmin and trust relationship. AD sites and services. Replmon , AD Metadata cleanup etc .


Over all It helped me a lot to understand the concept.

If you have any questions please email it to

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