I work as a Systems Engineer for one of the leading Telecom company in Bangalore. I have 3 + years of experience in IT industry. My Core skill sets are Active directory , DNS , DHCP , DNS , WSUS , Powershell Scripting for windows , VMWare. I am a certified master in Active directory and windows server 2008 Technology (Experts Exchange) . You can find me on Technet Forums (AD,WSUS,Scripting forums) , Experts exchange forum for your questions.

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bro am suren found u on technet site,since am also network engineer fr a Sensor Automation Comp… it would be nice to be in touch with u regarding technical stuff…can u send me a friend req in FB bro…..ignore if u find this strange..coz i have no way either


Hi Prashanth i read your posts … you are a expert no doubt …i need your suggestions in Active Directory could you please help me can you drop me a email with your contact info i will call you back my email id is …Your help is highly appreciated

Please email your query to , I will revert back.

The domain is called ‘ but when I try changing from a workgroup to a domain on the both client PCs with the name 9flightsadmin I get prompted for credentials, I enter credentials which are either correct with Domain Admin privlidges or even random non existant credentials and get the message:

The follwoing error occurred attempting to join the domain 9flightsadmin
The network path was not found.

Any other server names including ‘’t know if that’s good or not…) tells me:

An Active Directory Domain Controller (AC DC) for the domain “blahblahblah” could not be contacted.
Ensure that the domain name is typed correctly.
If the name is correct, click Details for troubledshooting information.

If I try and ping it’s only pinging on the actual internet

The annoying thing is that when I first set this up, I’m pretty sure the error mesage from the correct domain name was relating to the account I was typing in not having sufficient privlidges… Then I mucked around with pretty much everything for a few hours …. Then I added the Domain Admins group to the credentials I was using …. And haven’t been able to get the same error message since…

It appears ,there is an issue with DNS configuraution in your AD.

Make sure all the SRV Records for your DC’s are registered in your DNS . If not a Restart of Netlogon service will help you to register the SRV records forcefully in the DNS.

There is a KB Article for this

Also make sure all the necessary firewall ports are open to have the communication betweeen the client and DC

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