List WIndows servers in Active Directory Domain and Check out the ping status of Listed Servers.

Posted on: November 9, 2012

To Much of Garbage , We need to Clean it up . This applies to your Active Directory As well.

This week , I was having some time to play around with PowerShell(Power) .

( I Always call it as power , Because It has a capacity to accomplish each and everything task in Windows :))

Since I have made up my mind to list out the servers which are not used anymore , I thought I will create a script for this.

Below is my script .

$a = Get-ADComputer -filter * -SearchBase “DN of the Domain” -properties` Operatingsystem
$list= @()
Foreach ($os in $a)

 If($os.Operatingsystem -match “windows server *”)
 $list += $os | Select-Object @{ L=’ComputerName’;E={$_.Name} }, @{L=’OperatingSystem’;E={$_.Operatingsystem}}

$list | Export-Csv -Path C:\file.csv -notype

$r = Import-Csv C:\file.csv | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Servername
foreach ($Server in $r)
 if(!(Test-Connection $Server -Quiet))
 Write-Host “$server not reachable”


Note – One need to put DN of the domain Eg – “DC=AD,DC=COM” , In Place of “DN of the Domain”

The script will produce a Csv File C:\File.csv which contains List of windows server in specified domain.


The servers which are not reachable will be listed out in the Powershell Console.

I hope this information helps.

There will be some more Powershell Scripts which I will be building , Looks Like I am in Love with Powershell’s POWER




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