Configuring CAS Server In Exchange 2007 , WIthout Internet Facing CAS , Making OWA Work on both AD Site

Posted on: November 19, 2011

After 3 Days of Struggle , Finally Configured the CAS server Between 2 Active Directory Site .

Here is my Lab setup.

2 Two Active Directory with Network,

1 DC/DNS , 1 Exchange and 1 Client on Each the sites.

Exchange has HT/CAS/Mailbox Role in both the sites . I thought of Configuring CAS server in both exchange servers. I started with changing the InternalURL on both Exchange CAS OWA Property. I had put in both InternalURL and put DNS entry of asscoiate with it ( is my Exchange server in site2). After doing this configuration I tried access the mailboxes which are store in exhange2 (site 2). I was able to access them without any problem.

When I tried to access mailbox which were in exchange1 (Site1) . Client was throwing me an error “THERE IS NO MICROSOFT EXCHANGE CAS SERVER CONFIGURED IN ACTIVE DIRECTORY SITE WHERE MAILBOX IS TORED”


I started Googling for a Resoltion of my problem. I changed the Authentication method to WINDOWS INTERGRATED ON BOTH THE SITES in OWA Virtual Direcotry of both Exchange server But no luck. Now it came up with some other error message.



Finally I have changed the InternalURL of First Active Directory Site to This is generated by default when we have installed CAS on Exchange1).

Tried accessing mailbox which are stored in site1 from site2 using OWA. Whippppeeeee Worked fine…….

So There was an issue with InternalURL , which I have changed in site2. So I have changed it to Default URL which was assinged by Exchange server.

Proxying Worked Absoultely Fine…


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