Upgrading windows server 2003 to Windows server 2008 Domain Controller

Posted on: September 14, 2011

Hey Guys,

  Recently I have taken up my 70-648 Exam and Passed with flying colors… Now I have done with 70-648 , it was a time for me to kick off with 70-646 . One of the main topic in 70-646 is Upgardation of DC’s .

I thought of performing this in my lab setup .  Here is the Configuration I have used.

1. Put window server 2003 32  Bit OS in one of the VM.

2.Once You are done with putting the server 2003 and AD,DNS Etc on the server . We have to start using ADPREP.EXE .

 (Note – If you are upgarding the existing DC to windows server 2008 , Insert 2008 CD in your DC. Go to Source folder and Copy that to your Desktop)

After doing this we have to run ADPREP Command to prepare your Existing SCHEMA and Domain .

Below is the link Which I have refered to .

With the help above link . I have succesfully upgarded the OS of my DC.

While You are running ADPREP /DomainPrep Make sure that the Domain Functional Level is Windows server 2000 Native Mode. ( As it wont run on Mixed mode).

Next is WDS on windows server 2008 🙂



-Prashant Girennavar




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