NSLOOKUP and DNS Search Suffix

Posted on: August 26, 2011

A person who is like me ( I am still not mastered AD,DNS concepts ) who want to master and become a geek in directory services will face below mentioned problem when he start putting his AD and DNS in his lab.

I recently came across this problme when I installed AD, DNS in my Lab setup.

When I did a nslookup in cmd prompt I got below error message



  This is 90 % due to you have not configured the reverse lookup zone for your forward zone.

Note : how to configure reverse lookup zone please refer the technet article –

I am sure when you configure it , it will resolve the Name server FQDN without any issues.

DNS Search Suffix.

The DNS search suffix’s are used by the client side to resolve the suffix (Ex – , etc)

 MVP – ACE Fekay has written beautiful article on that ,  Here is the link for that ( I thought instead of me expalining its better to put the link for ACE Link which I have referred 🙂 )


Hope this helps for Newbee’s ( Like Me) 🙂

Any quesiton mail it to –


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