Creating LAB Enviornment to practice MCITP

Posted on: August 22, 2011

Hello ,

      I needed to create my own lab setup. After Digging for about 2 days , Finally I set up My Lab.


Here are the details.


Network 1)

Network 2)

 I have used 2 NIC Cards in Dell Optiplex 320 Machine ( one NIC card with N/W and other . I have put in one NIC Card and on another. I have configured RRAS to in 320 system so that both Network can communicate with each other ( I am using windows server 2003  in my dell optiplex system ).

After configuring this two network sucessfully. I have connected 2 Dell Laptops on both the NIC’s ( One with and other with I have put 2 VMs on both laptop with server 2008 and Xp  OS.

Note : 1.Please make sure to disable the Windows firewall on the systems , otherwise systems will not ping from one network to other.

2. Make sure you are using Brideing in your VM not NATING.

After setting these up. I was able to test DHCP,DNS, AD DOmin and trust relationship. AD sites and services. Replmon , AD Metadata cleanup etc .


Over all It helped me a lot to understand the concept.

If you have any questions please email it to


19 Responses to "Creating LAB Enviornment to practice MCITP"


what type of rras did you use?



I have used static Routes under IP Routing in RRAS . Just Right Click on static Routes select new Interface . Both the NIC will be listed in the drop down. Select the appropriate NIC and put the Network ID and the Defalut Gateway . Repeat the procedure for the other NIC also. After doing this , Use Corss over cable and connect 2 laptops ( One each on both the network) . Disable the firewall and put the static IP address and Try to ping….. I am sure It will resolve the IP address if you have configured it Properly 🙂

If Any Questions regarding this please feel free to ask


-Prashant Girennavar

i would like to know about how do i practice mcitp in a single pc?i have installed vwware and windows server 2008 and also installed windows7 as a user but i cant practice due to there is no connection between two os so kindly rply me in detail i think here i get parfect answer

u used Vmware for virtualization?

i have windows 2008 r2 trial on dell optiplex , i installed vmware and has two windows 2008 vm. this is my basic setup yet… upon searching web i found your website and really might help me to setup my mcitp lab…

Hello ,

Yes I am using VMware Virualisation. From your Post seems like you are using a single dell Optiplex. Am I right?

You will have to take one more NIC to setup two different network. I personally feel , working on single network will not gain you any knowledge.

My suggesion would be , make an arrangement for one more NIC . Place it in Optiplex. Set Up Two different Network ( EG – , and follow the procedure which I have explained in my blog….

If you have any question regarding configuration please feel free to contact me….


-Prashant Girennavar


You’re right… i will follow your not familiar yet with setting up a RRAS… if i have other questions hope you will not hesitate to assist me..



Can you provide the steps on how to configure RRAS and static routing ?


I am assuming that You have put 2 NIC’S in your Dell system.

Below is the configuration of RRAS.

1. Open RRAS You will find server status tab at left hand . Right click on it , choose add server and select This computer. Press Ok
2. Right Click on newly added server and select configure adn Enable Routing and Remote Access .
3. A wizard will come , click next select custom configuration click next Lan Routing click next and click Finish .

Now RRAS service will start.

Expand the local server and go to IP Routing , Under IP routing go to static routing.

1. Right click on statc routing and select new static route.
2. Here you will find both the interfaces Eg- Lan1 ande Lan2.
3.Select Lan1 put destination Network ID there. ( For Eg – if LAN1 is connected to network put the destination network ID as . subnet mask as as it need to broadcast. Gateway should be your network gatway ( in my case it is this is the IP of the LAN1 Adaptor) let the metric ID be 1.
4. Repeat the same procedure for other NIC . i.e right clcik on static routing once again and go to Lan2 and put the appropriate network address, subnet mask is same i.e and the gateway. let the metric value be 1.

after configuring this take 2 laptops use CROSS OVER CABLE and connect one laptop each on each NIC . put the appropriate IP address. and try to ping . Make sure that Firewall is disabled on the laptop OS.

I really think to do this configuration one should have basic networking knowledge ( Gateway , subnet mask etc)… If you have this everything will be configured perfectly.

Please follow this configuration and let me know if you face any problem.. I will dig out the soluiton for you.


-Prashant Girennavar.


what type of vmware did you use? is it vmware esx3.5 or the vmware server . i believe these two are free but i dont know which is appropriate to use i n this lab.. thanks a lot.

btw, im just finishing my installation, and i follow ur instruction… thanks a lot for your kindness…


Don’t Go for VMWare Esx3.5 or Vmware server. You can use VMWare workstation ( May be VMWare 7 is best choice) .Just install VMware workstaion on both the laptops and put different VM’S on Each laptop ( Put 2 Server 2008 , and once client XP). Its very easy to configure these things.

Let me know if you are having any difficulty in doing these.


-Prashant Girennavar

i see… so this server 2008 with RRAS static ip routing will act as a router only? am i right?

Yes… You are right…….And If you want to configure DHCP Relay agent you can do that on the same RRAS…


I have managed to connect different vm’s from different machines (different network)…

im so glad that i’ve met you here… 🙂 now i can start studying MCITP with a lab having a branch office…

Thanks a lot.

If i have questions i will ask u soonest 🙂

What certifications u have already?


I am having MCSA , Now I am working on MCITP……

wow great.. i think i would like to study side by side with you 🙂 im done with 70-680 and 70-640…

Im planning also to install Exchange server 2010 on this lab i create.. my question is do u think this can handle a fully functional exchange 2010….

let’s say i can send and recieve outside emails?


I am not sure of Exchange feasibility with this kind of set up… May be you can Try and let me know about this…. 🙂

I will start with exchange 2010 may in a month or so….( As I need to study some other stuffs also before kicking off with Exchange )

🙂 .. well that is my plan in the near future, if i can manage to run this exchange i will let you know soonest…

Thanks again for the help…


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